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Our approach is centred on objectivity. With it comes clarity, swiftly followed by success. We are your sounding-board, freeing you from the day-to-day 'fog' of business. Creating clear objectives and creative strategies has helped us develop some long-standing partnerships with a variety of businesses and institutions.


Experience and passion. That's what we bring to the table. With over 25 years in the design industry we've been there – we've done it. From packaging to point-of-sale, branding to brochures, exhibitions to e-mail campaigns...


There, we said it. An award-winning design service combined with a lovely bunch of creative people.
What more could you want?


– Branding and Design for print

– Marketing and PR

– Photography and Video

– Exhibition Design and Retail Interior Design

– 2D Animation and 3D Modelling

– Website design and E-mail Marketing


A single, all-encompassing approach to communication

Over the years it's become clear that the communication hurdles that many companies face are very similar. We believe that, no matter what your product or service, it can be defined by a simple set of rules. Once these are clarified, the task of creating meaningful, relevant design becomes far more logical and should deliver positive returns. To help begin the process we created a framework: Be.

Put simply, your ‘brand’ is the consistent delivery of an expectation.

the Brand Expression

Regardless of whether you are a start-up or larger business with on-going communication requirements
Be is intended to help fully define the Brand expression – in other words the What?, Who?, Why? and How? or at least start the process of committing it to paper.

It's not 'wham-bam-thankyou-mam' philosophy that, once complete, never changes. Rest assured your market will evolve, so will your competitors and so should you.

Being is believing or, to put it another way... define a real brand and find more customers.

By understanding the values and attributes of you company, we can build a more accurate picture of your brand, it’s standing in the market and customer perceptions. Occasionally, this may reveal areas that need attention, areas beyond the purely visual: service quality, pricing etc. This is not a stick to beat you with. This is a learning exercise. One that, should lead you to a deeper understanding of the journey ahead. So that, eventually, you, your employees and your customers will truly believe in who you are and what you can deliver.

Be process overview




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